Join Viv for her weekly podcast covering small stories with big heart. Recorded from the tip of Africa, Viv chats to locals who all have one thing in common – BIG hearts. If you are looking for flawless, polished episodes with media trained individuals, you might want to make a quick U-turn in your tracks but…for those who want to hear real stories, from real people within the beautiful and unique “Rainbow Nation” then aha Africa might just be for you!

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About Viv

Africa is my home. I live under the protection of the sacred Table Mountain (one of the New7Wonders of Nature) in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. South Africa is such a vibrant place to live! Diverse in culture and religion, it has eleven official languages and some of the most incredible artists, wildlife and scenery. We are blessed to be home to the African penguin, Great white shark, Big 5 and are recognised as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Over the years, there have been many aha moments on South Africa's soil from the shedding of the oppression of the apartheid era to living as a democracy under the guidance of our much loved "Madiba" - Nelson Mandela. As a sports-loving nation, many aha sporting moments are forever cemented in our hearts and our unique national anthem combines two national anthems into one which consists of 5 of our eleven official languages - namely isiXhosa, isiZulu, seSotho, Afrikaans and English. One of the things that stand out most for me personally though are the real life stories of our everyday people with beautiful hearts, amazing resilience and more often than not - incredible sense of humour! This is the true heart of our Beloved country. our people.

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The “Care in Crisis” podcast series below was created at the start of lockdown as a way of helping to raise awareness and share some of the ways we as communities can give back at this time, if we so wish. The needs on the Frontline of the pandemic change daily and since this is a non profit series, that I am producing alone, I will endevour to interview and add as many podcasts as I can to keep sharing through the Covid19 crisis, whenever I can. If you benefit from this platform, please share it with others and also subscribe to ahaAfrica on Soundcloud/iTunes so that you can be updated as new episodes are released. I also share stories with people who are giving back to the community which I hope will uplift and inspire.

I hope that you find these free offerings helpful and relevant at this time.

NEWSFLASH: I am now starting a Mental Wellness Series as part of the “Caring in Crisis” series to give back to those who are struggling personally with stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed at this time. Johann Verster is a clinical psychologist who has kindly agreed to come and share weekly on the topic of Mindfulness. His insights are profound and his advice practical. Peter Fox is legendary, having worked as the Spiritual Director at St Luke’s hospice for 17 years and his wisdom and insights around living and dying are great soul food for us all and offer thought provoking questions to help alleviate stress and suffering. Lyndel Daly is a Consciousness Life coach who has offered her services to many for free during Covid, and she offers practical strategy and coping skills that anyone can apply in their daily lives. Lyndel also touches on connecting with your creative self during Covid.

Quick reference guide: Caring in Crisis Podcast Series

The Mental Wellness Series are shown as red headers below

#1 Lakeside CAN group – feeding the hungry within the community

#2 Helping to feed over 80 000 vulnerable people daily in SA

#3 Grabouw Animal Welfare Society

#4 Debbie Webber – attorney offering free debt advice

#5 Lita Currie – creating educational memes in Covid

#6 Avocado Vision – creating sustainable work in the Green sector

# 7 Lyndel Daly – life facilitation and coping skills (Mental Wellness)

#8 Ladels of love – feeding thousands across the Western Cape

#9 Tourism in my blood – tourism group showing solidarity during Covid

#10 Peter Fox – Spiritual Director, Minister & Counsellor (Mental Wellness)

#11 Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation Covid19 and beyond

#12 Hayley McLellan Enviromental change maker – #rethinkthebag founder

#13 Vanessa Raphaely – resilience during Covid19 and beyond

#14 Leilani Kuter – GBV survivor and activist – on the topic of resilience *TRIGGER WARNING in description*

#15 Mpho Mohaswa – Precious and Pearl Brands Ghemere – on the topic of resilience

The Justice Desk series

#1 – Gender Based Violence

#2 – The Mbokodo Club

Mindfulness series: (Mental wellness)

Johann Verster – Clinical psychologist & Spiritual teacher

#1 The grief process

#2 Staying present to what is

#3 Self compassion

#4 Dealing with painful emotions

#5 Listening deeply

#6 Emotions

#7 Self Regulation

#2 The Justice Desk Series – episode 2 – Mbokodo Club

#2 The Justice Desk series – Mbokodo Club educates, equips and empowers girl survivors of rape and gender-based violence (GBV) in Nyanga, the murder capital of South Africa. The organisation focuses on self-defence and fitness, female empowerment and leadership workshops as well as access to mental health-care support for mainly girls between the ages of 9 and 19, and challenges the status quo, turning those who have been harmed from “victims” to “victors” while leading change in communities. The club has gone on to do work across South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

#1 The Justice Desk Series – episode 1 – Gender Based Violence

# 1 The Justice Desk series Gender Based Violence – The Justice Desk is an award-winning NPO, based in Cape Town South Africa. In this podcast, Ignatius France explains Gender Based Violence and how they as an organisation educate, train and advocate for and equip youth, vulnerable groups, civil society, and governments in Human Rights, justice and advocacy. They work primarily in township areas and vulnerable communities, empowering and equipping local people with the necessary skills and platforms to lead their own change. To find out more visit their website:

#7 Johann Verster – Self Regulation – Mindfulness series

Mindfulness #7: Johann continues the Mindfulness conversation with Viv and tonight looks at the area of self regulation. He explains our conditioned way of thinking and how as adults we can learn a new way – through focus, attention and asking questions to unlock the answers to our authentic Self. As always – he has a beautiful and simple practice we can use in our daily lives to connect with the breath and he finishes with a poem that reminds us about the simple things in life, the things that really matter rather than what our busy minds tell us we should be giving attention to.

#15 Mpho Mohaswa – Precious and Pearl Brands Ghemere – on the topic of resilience

Mpho is a dynamic South African entrepreneur who owns a company that makes Gingerbeer (Ghemere). When the Covid pandemic arrived in SA she had to re-think the product as prior to the pandemic her main market was supplying to wedding functions. Mpho quickly realised that the product was infact also an immune booster and so started marketing it as such. This not only allowed her business to survive Covid but allowed her resellers to keep earning too. Hear her share with Viv her “tools of resilience” – her story which is both uplifting and inspiring.

# 14 Leilani Kuter – GBV survivor and activist on the topic of resilience – TRIGGER WARNING in description

TRIGGER WARNING: Please note that this episode contains sensitive and graphic discussion about Gender Based Violence which some people might find disturbing. I have kept details of the actual attack to a minimum, choosing to read a blog post explaining the attack, rather than expecting my guest to recall it herself. Should you prefer not to hear this portion of the interview, please skip from 12:13 – 14:41. This episode is not suitable for children or young teenagers but parental discretion is advised at all times.

Leilani Kuter runs the Non-profit #yellowforsurvivors and on Tuesday, the 1st of September begins her walk of 448km to help raise awareness around Gender Based Violence. This is her second year raising funds for victims of rape. Hear how she recalls her story from the age of 15 with Viv and her message on resilience. To read the story and find details of Leilani’s campaign please click:…urvivors-of-gbv/

#13 In conversation with Vanessa Raphaely on the topic of resilience during Covid 19 and beyond.

A celebrity within the world of media, Vanessa Raphaely is the multi-award-winning and former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine SA and editorial director of Associated Media, has written a novel, Plus One, has played an integral part in the #MeToo movement and even worked alongside the likes of Oprah Winfrey but fast-forward to today – she is the creator and driving force behind the Facebook Group called The Village. Listen to this heart to heart sharing between Vanessa and Viv on the topic of resilience.

# 12 Hayley McLellan – Enviromental change maker – Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation
Hayley reads a favourite quote by Dr Sylvia Earle (click above)

Hayley McLellan is an environmental change maker working tirelessly to take action against the growing global threat of plastic pollution and in 2011 launched the #rethinkthebag campaign with the goal of banning single-use plastic shopping bags in South Africa. We will hear firsthand how this formidable force a.k.a Hayley is currently juggling her role as activist, 5 Gyres ambassador and educator…. to name but a few. Hayley works at the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Anchor 11

#11 Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation Covid19 and beyond
Maryke sharing about sea turtles (short clip from interview)

Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation: Dive into the magical world of Marine Education and Conservation with Maryke and Brett. Their passion is truly contagious and their message simple – join the Foundation Family by doing one of their online courses in Marine Biology or join as a monthly member to gain access to incredible marine education and experiences for the whole family. This story uplifts and inspires. Enjoy!

#6 Johann Verster – emotions – Mindfulness series

Mindfulness 6: Johann continues the Mindfulness conversation with Viv and tonight looks at the area of emotions. He explains that emotions are not hard-wired which means that it is possible for us to construct new emotions. He looks at the five universal emotions and encourages us to learn to name emotions, talk openly with our children about emotions and has also given us the emotions wheel as a tool to support this topic – please see above to download.

#5 Johann Verster – listening deeply – Mindfulness series

Mindfulness 5: Johann continues the Mindfulness conversation with Viv and today looks at the topic of listening. He explains the levels of listening and offers some beautiful practices to allow us to learn to listen more effectively.

#4 Johann Verster – dealing with painful emotions – Mindfulness series

Mindfulness 4: Johann continues the Mindfulness conversation with Viv and today looks at how one can stay present when painful or difficult emotions arise. He reminds us that Mindfulness is not something we do but rather a state of the mind that with awareness, acceptance and surrender, we can move into and connect with inner peace and calm – no matter what shows up.

#3 Mindfulness series – in conversation with Johann – self compassion

Mindfulness 3: self compassion: Johann Verster has been a practicing psychotherapist for 30 years, holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has 10 years in Enneagram interpretation. Johann shares how we can use Mindfulness to reconnect to our authentic selves and tonight continues with the discussion around the topic of Self Compassion.

#2 Mindfulness series – in conversation with Johann – staying present to what is

Mindfulness 2: staying present to what is: Johann Verster has been a clinical psychologist for over 30 years. I have personally benefited enormously from Johann’s wisdom, pointings and teachings over the years and his work in consciousness, emotional maturity and interpersonal relationships is incredibly relevant at this time of crisis on our planet.

#1 Mindfulness series – in conversation with Johann – grieving during Covid

Mindulness 1: the grief process: Johann Verster has been a practicing psychotherapist for 30 years, holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has 10 years in Enneagram interpretation. Johann shares why people are in the grief process during this Covid 19 pandemic and how we can use Mindfulness to reconnect to our authentic selves. Johann will be a regular guest as we go through this pandemic together. We will need to protect our mental wellness throughout the pandemic and beyond so this is Johann’s way of contributing to the “caring in crisis” series and giving back to our communities at this time.

#10 Peter Fox offers spiritual wisdom to help cope during Covid19 and beyond.

Peter Fox is legendary in South Africa. Peter was the Spiritual director for St Luke’s hospice for 17 years. He has been a counsellor and gentle presence to the sick and the dying for decades. His years in this work make his insights profound as he shares how we can grieve the past and come to terms with the new, during the Covid19 pandemic and beyond.

#9 Tourism in my blood Facebook group – caring during Covid & beyond.

Greg Smith and Richard de la Rey started the Tourism in my blood Facebook group to bring together like-minded people within the Travel Industry both locally and abroad. The group offers support & networking opportunities with the focus on getting the industry back up and thriving again, coming through Covid, caring now and beyond. Hear their uplifting and inspiring story.

#8 Ladels of Love – feeding South Africa’s hungry during Covid19 and beyond.

Ladels of Love is a non profit that has been feeding the homeless and hungry in Cape Town, South Africa for several years but with Covid19 now impacting South Africa, the demand to feed so many more hungry people has called for them to increase their operations significantly. Hear their story and what they are doing at this time of pandemic to help alleviate hunger and suffering. They are true heroes in the pandemic and their work is the epitome of love in action.

#7 Lyndel Daly shares coping skills and looks at the topic of Mental Wellness during Covid19.

Lyndel Daly has been a practicing Consciousness Life Coach for 13 yrs, is an Author, Public Speaker and also a creator and facilitator of various empowerment training initiatives. Lyndel has a BA ed Degree and her Honour degree in Psychology. Today she shares with Viv some coping skills as they share conversation around the topic of Mental Wellness during Covid19. Lyndel offers anyone needing to chat (free of charge) to reach out to her on Facebook: Lyndel Daly or email:

#6 Avocado Vision appeal to help the Green economy post Covid19

Avocado Vision are working with the SA government on pioneering Green initiatives that will create sustainable work post Covid19. Hear their amazing story as well as their appeal for others to get involved – either by funding or collaborating together with them on future projects.

Lita sharing how she came about creating Covid educational memes (clip from interview)
#5 Lita Currie is creating memes to educate on Covid19 in rural areas and informal settlements across South Africa.

Lita Currie, owner of the business 3 Stickmen, has played a significant role in helping to educate people in the rural areas and informal settlements of South Africa on Covid19 by creating memes. They are teaching people through pictures how to stay safe during the pandemic and are now reaching as far afield as Malawi.

#4 Debbie Webber is an attorney based in Cape Town, South Africa who specialises in the area of debt who is offering her services during the Covid19 pandemic.

Debbie Webber is an attorney based in Cape Town, South Africa who specialises in debt.  Her way of giving back to the community at this time of the pandemic lockdown  is an offering of one, free hour consultation, with anyone who needs her expert advice.  She encourages people to use the lockdown period to get organised by getting their personal affairs in order.  Her area of specialty is: partnership agreements, wills and debt. 

#3 Grabouw Animal Welfare Society, Cape Town, South Africa is facing desperate times during Covid 19. Hear their story and appeal for help.

Grabouw Animal Welfare Society are desperate! They help animals in the local informal settlement of Grabouw (a small town in the Western Cape, South Africa) as well as on farms and in the surrounding rural areas. Many animal owners are not working and not earning wages as a result of the pandemic and lockdown in South Africa, meaning they are unable to feed themselves as well as their animals. Many of the animals within these communities are very loved and wanted but these are desperate times. As a result, the Grabouw Animal Welfare Society have been working tirelessly to alleviate the animal’s suffering and hunger by providing food and support to vulnerable animals where they can but funds will run out soon. They appeal to anyone who can help with monetary donations – not matter what the amount.

#2 Help to feed over 80 000 vulnerable people daily in South Africa during Covid 19

Feeding 80 000 people daily: Hear the story from the frontline, of the Covid 19 pandemic in South Africa and the urgent appeal for help from those that need it most. Lorraine is a social worker serving her community in Vrygrond, Westerm Cape (along with others) and is currently helping to co-ordinate 32 feeding stations to feed over 80 000 of the most vulnerable people daily. Lorraine will uplift and inspire you with her attitude towards this work and she urgently appeals to anyone who can help towards alleviating hunger and suffering. Of these 80 000 people, 32 000 are children.

#1 Lakeside CAN group, Western Cape, South Africa

Lakeside CAN group: These are real stories from the frontline of the Covid 19 pandemic in South Africa. Brenda Goldswain is a volunteer working in the Lakeside CAN group. This group is working tirelessly within the local communities to help alleviate hunger and suffering at this time. Their donations have helped towards feeding 80 000 of the most vulnerable people who live in a one square kilometer area called Vrygrond. They are desperately appealing for donations in food, equipment and PPE at this extremely challenging time but remain rooted in faith and hope that this time will pass. Until then, they risk their own health daily to feed and to serve daily.


  • Grabouw Animal Welfare Society

    A life support to the vulnerable animals in informal settlements, on rural farms and the surrounding areas of Grabouw.  They rely solely on donations and their needs are now critical due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

    Acc Name: GAWS
    Bank: FNB
    Acc No: 62345349618
    Branch Code: 200312
    Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
    Donate with PayPal

In the media

Television and Radio


Watch Viv’s live SABC interview where she shares details of the stories she interviews for the aha Africa podcast series “Care in Crisis” in the hope of helping to raise awareness to get help where it is needed most – the Frontlines of the pandemic. This was Viv’s first ever live TV interview and when asked to appear she said: “the needs out there are greater than my own personal fears” and that has pretty much been her mantra ever since. She is grateful for every opportunity to share these stories wherever she can in the hope of helping to raise awareness, get donations and help to the most vulnerable people and animals whilst also sharing stories that uplift and inspire.

Viv was invited to join Aubrey Masango for his “South Africans Doing Great Things” show to chat about the aha Africa stories featured in her “Care in Crisis” podcast series and to share insights about the brand. Viv said: “It was an absolute privilege to be invited onto Aubrey’s show. He is such a passionate interviewer and I loved the conversation from start to finish. I am truly grateful to have been invited as a guest and to be able to share the important stories that need to be heard during the pandemic.”

ChaiFM Radio Interview – Thursday 13 August 2020

Viv gets the opportunity to share with the wonderful Niki Seberini on ChaiFM Radio about how aha Africa came into being during Covid, the important stories that form part of the “Care in Crisis” podcast series and one story very close to Viv’s heart – the plight of the vulnerable animals as a result of Covid. Click audio link above to listen to the full interview.

Tracey Lange of Kfm 94.5 chose Viv as her #WomanCrushWednesday guest to discuss the “Care in Crisis” series. 17 June 2020.

Leigh-Anne chats to Viv about aha Africa, how it was created in the early weeks of lockdown and the Care in Crisis podcast series. Leigh-Anne ends by saying: ‘We’re a team – we’re all in this together” – which mirrors Viv’s outlook exactly! Viv likes to say: “Together we can – united we will.”


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